Sports Rehabilitation

Sports rehabilitation is essential for athletes at all levels, focusing on recovery, performance enhancement, and injury prevention. Throughout your treatment with our specialists at Time Wellness Centre, we evaluate the benefits of utilising our onsite rehabilitation gym. Following a personalised plan can significantly mitigate the impact of various injuries and illnesses, serving as both a preventive measure against surgical interventions and an integral part of postoperative care.

Personalised Training

Our therapists undergo comprehensive training in rehabilitation, strength, and conditioning, surpassing the qualifications of most personal trainers. Once patients have completed their rehabilitation, they may wish to further enhance their strength and fitness levels. Our experienced team is equipped to tailor a program to meet each individual's unique needs. Every client is one-of-a-kind, and we get that.

Tailored Nutrition Plans

Recognising the importance of personalised nutrition, we begin by assessing each individual's dietary habits through a detailed questionnaire and food diary analysis. From there, we develop a bespoke nutrition plan tailored to their specific requirements. We're all about giving full-on support for your well-being. Tailored nutrition plans are key in rehabilitation, ensuring your body gets precisely what it needs to heal and thrive.

Experience the transformative benefits of sports rehabilitation, personalised training, and tailored nutrition plans designed to elevate your performance and enhance your overall well-being.