A state-of-the-art facility, formerly known as Cosgrove Physio Centre, where we blend exceptional care with cutting-edge sports physiotherapy.

Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to delivering personalised therapy that cater to your unique needs. From our hands-on physiotherapy approach, fusing Eastern and Western techniques, to specialised treatments for conditions like Bell’s Palsy, End Stage Stroke Rehabilitation, and Functional Neurological Disorder (FND), we're committed to guiding you on your path to recovery and well-being.

Explore our extensive range of services and discover peak health and vitality with us.


Services at Time Wellness Centre

We are committed to delivering exceptional care within our state-of-the-art facility. All therapy services are carried out by experienced and fully trained experts. Discover our full range of therapy services by clicking the link below.

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We adopt a hands-on approach to treatment, incorporating a diverse range of methods that blend Eastern and Western methodologies. Our approach integrates acupuncture techniques with manipulative techniques for optimal results. Click the link below to learn more about our comprehensive treatment options.

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Specialised Conditions

With over 30 years of experience, we've treated a variety of conditions not commonly addressed by physiotherapists, including Bell’s Palsy, End Stage Stroke Rehabilitation, and Functional Neurological Disorder (FND). Many patients with these conditions have struggled to find suitable treatment through traditional medical routes. Our expertise provides effective solutions for those seeking alternative avenues for rehabilitation and recovery.

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Meet the Team

Trevor Dias

Director/Life Coach/Personal Trainer

Trevor brings over twenty years of corporate experience to his role, where he managed multi-million-dollar contracts, led...

Ruth Blakemore


Ruth is the backbone of Time Wellness Centre, overseeing essential administrative tasks and ensuring seamless daily operations....

Paul Whetman


Paul graduated from Salford University with a BSc in Physiotherapy in 2013. After completing core rotations within the NHS,...

Rukhaiya Ahmed


Rukhaiya Ahmed

Chris Schofield


John Ramsay

Director/Physiotherapist/Personal Trainer

John is a fully qualified Physiotherapist Bsc (HONS). John specialises in musculoskeletal conditions including...

Stuart Cosgrove


Stuart first qualified in 1982, after 5 years working full time in the NHS, he started his own private clinic...

Andy Evans

Performance Psychologist

As a Performance Psychologist, Andy delivers psychological support to individuals and teams, drawing on over a decade of...

Charlotte Walsh

Footcare Specialist

Charlotte Walsh

James Fleming


James joined the team in late 2020, following the completion of his BSc Physiotherapy degree at the University of Salford....

Charlotte Ramsay

Sports Rehabilitator/Women’s Coaching Specialist

Charlotte has been working at Cosgroves alongside Stuart Cosgrove since 2010, after graduating with a BSc HONS...

Mia Gilfillan


Mia, a top-tier healthcare professional since graduating with honours in 2020, has excelled in diverse clinical roles within...

Steve Martin

Sports Rehabilitator/ Sports Massage

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