We're committed to promoting your overall health and well-being through comprehensive blood analysis. Under the guidance of our experienced phlebotomist, Chris, we offer a range of services designed to provide valuable insights into your health status and potential risk factors. Whether you're seeking routine blood tests, biomarker assessments, or specialised screenings, our clinic is equipped to meet your needs with accuracy and efficiency.

Blood Draw and Analysis

Our fully qualified phlebotomist ensures a comfortable and efficient blood draw process, minimising any discomfort or anxiety. Once collected, your blood samples are sent off for detailed analysis, providing valuable information about your health status and potential risk factors.

Comprehensive Report

Following your blood draw, we provide a comprehensive report detailing your biomarker results. This report includes written comments from our expert, including any recommendations or insights to help you better understand your health profile and take proactive steps towards improvement.

Personalised Recommendations

At Time Wellness Centre, personalised care isn't just a belief— it's embedded into everything we do. With your blood test results in hand, our expert team crafts tailored recommendations to propel your health journey forward. Whether it's fine-tuning your diet, integrating targeted supplements, or embracing lifestyle adjustments, we're your partners in empowerment. Because here, it's not just about results; it's about your vitality, your resilience, and your flourishing well-being.