At Cosgroves Physio Centre we pride ourselves on our 'Hands On' approach. We utilise many treatment modalities and combine an Eastern/Western methodology, marrying acupuncture techniques with manipulative techniques works best. Using American osteopathic active release with European myofascial release techniques is highly successful in treating soft tissues such as muscle, ligament and tendons. We treat all types of musculoskeletal problems from everyday sprains to top level athletic injuries.

Taking an holistic approach when it comes to treatment of spinal problems, many of which may occur due to incorrect posture, we look at the lifestyle of our patients and offer advice and home treatment once we have the problem under control. Wherever possible, rather than discouraging a particular activity the patient wants to engage in, we try to help the patient find ways to resume the activity with minimal risk of injury reoccurrence. It is our professional responsibility to try to allow the patient to return to their previous activity level wherever possible and continue with our advice to prevent  future problems.

All our therapist's  have been high end strength athletes, therefore can speak from experience when it comes to injuries. Included in our treatment arsenal is a highly equipped gymnasium which can be utilised to rehabilitate injuries or take the patient to a higher level of fitness following injury repair.

We treat all types of musculoskeletal problems from everyday sprains, lower back pain to top level athletic injuries.

Preventative Treatment

The technical term for this is prophylactic care or treatment. Once the mechanism for injury is highlighted, steps can be taken to prevent this occurring again. This might be by offering ongoing maintenance therapy or a home program which can be continued in the patients local gym facility. Very often, with regard to spinal or low back pain, a postural problem may be highlighted. Once the mechanical cause of pain is treated, then a home program may be given followed by intermittent maintenance therapy to prevent the situation arising in an acute form again. We find this approach can keep patients going for years in the majority of cases without an acute flare up again.

End Stage Rehabilitation

Our therapist's are more experienced than your average personal trainer, therefore you can rely on them to advise you on the best program to achieve an even higher level of fitness than you had prior to the injury. These final stage rehab sessions can be conducted on a one to one basis and as a patient you will be able to take advantage of our specially designed gym to get you back to full fitness.

They are all available for this service and with their experience and credentials, you can rest assured you will have access to some of the best advice around.