Stuart Cosgrove, physiotherapist to such world-class athletes as Dorian Yates, Nathan De Asha, Ernie Taylor and Ricky Hatton, takes you on a journey into the inner workings of skeletal muscle and explores the reasons why muscles grow and respond to training. He looks at the best ways to get the most out of your workouts and dispels many myths about training that simply have no basis in logic, and fall down on scientific scrutiny.

Find out what goes wrong with your muscles when they stop responding and how to overcome this. Find out how best to train to prevent injury and how best to treat injuries if they occur. Stuart also guides you on the best methods to diet to gain muscle and reduce fat healthily and also how best to utilise micronutrients and supplementation. He also unlocks secrets of how to maintain a youthful physique in your later years and how to overcome hormonal conditions that are often ignored by the medical profession.

Although there is in-depth detail regarding this subject, there is always a straightforward 'Take Home Message' at the end of each chapter which is easily understood.

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The Truth About Bodybuilding: Stuart Cosgrove